Deconstruction and the Politicization of the foundations of Christianity


a). Evidence supports there has never truly been a separation of Church and State

b). Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

So just to be clear the foundation of our faith is forever intertwined with Judaism. Christian and Judaic history establish definitively that the Genesis of our inclusive standards begin with Adam and Eve. For the next 15 centuries many of Gods people faithfully adhered to the teachings of Moses, the lineage of Joshua, Jacob and Esau through the tribes of Israel and King David fully encompassing the Old Covenant

The Kings and Generational leaders of the tribes clearly established over thousands of years their creation of fundamental laws based upon the teachings gathered from the Old Testament (Covenant) to govern the people. The power and the love of God through the parables taught by the prophets under the Old Covenant is explicitly described. The lessons prescribed throughout the Books of the Judaic world were precursors of the coming of the lamb of God; the Son of man; the promised Messiah; Christ Jesus Lord and Savior.

The governing concepts and the repressive and servile laws of the Pharaoh’s clearly should have been supportive from the foundations of the Ten Commandments issued to and received by Moses from God the almighty creator. Sadly instead the laws of the land were established and manipulated by Kings and Rulers often by inaccurate interpretations and surreptitiously evolved human greed corrupting the will of the creator and more clearly establishing the concept of free will and therefore human mismanagement lacking of Gods love and compassion.

Regardless of the multitude of God centered teachings told by the prophets through parable after parable across many lands and civilizations the people of the many tribes fell dangerously short of openly accepting the foretelling of the promised Messiah, Jesus the Christ. Due to the presence of mandated free will in the pre new covenant established by the living and breathing Messiah (God in the form of man on earth) The leaders and Kings of the nomadic and geographically stable civilizations greedily chose many alternative oppositions to the holy teachings and lessons of a loving but stern and powerful Creator in heaven.

The 1500 years of the Old Covenant established by God was a period of juxtaposed conflict between man and the Creator. This was the question of the wide schism of great leaders and significant characters that either humbly and faithfully adhered to the Fathers words of faith and growth sustaining the survival of the people of the earliest biblical characters, tribes and cultures or continually ignored instruction and the teachings of the almighty. We know of the great effort and wondrous journey take by Moses to the top of the mountain to bring the the great charter of the Ten Commandments to the people. We are so inspired by the parting of the waters as Gods chosen people were delivered from the hands of Pharaoh and servitude to be a free people guided by the power of our heavenly father. Joshua, Noah, and so many prophets followed the commands of God. They lived the life and through prayer and deliverance taught the fear, respect and service that was to be given to our creator. Unfortunately the many leaders and tribal leaders that due to evil human greed and the simple existence of Satan in the form of plagues, death, destruction and sin dominated much of this 1500 year period. The worship of false Gods and the sinful lusts of wealth and control of neighboring cultures were the antithesis of his teachings. Sodom and Gomorrah, the tragic killings of many of God’s great leaders (Prophets) who were martyred for their faith and adherence to the necessary rules of heaven, the manna of our God.

Such a tremendous distinction from the way paved for us all because of the promise of the new Covenant. As John the Baptist opened the way for the Messiah, the lamb of God, Jesus of Nazareth, the son that replaced the Old Covenant, Jesus Christ our savior and king. Over the past 2500 years we have a new lease on life……Eternal life with 5 powerful concepts that if we are to follow this guidance we are truly living in his light.

The 5 powerful concepts are as follows . Number 1 the Power of PRAYER followed by number 2 SCRIPTURAL Living…..number 3 walking as his WITNESS…………NUMBER 4 TESTIMONY by the SPIRIT and number 5 SANCTIFICATION of the Body and Mind. As we move forward there is no true separation of God’s people from Heavenly guidance and World Governments apart from hands in prayer and the word as it guides our leaders in decision making. Only true reliance upon prayer will lead us ultimately to the Promised land and beyond……Building a Christlike centered life is clearly not simple or easy for anyone. Living in the world is not the same as being of the world. Synergizing these crucial basic premises of Christianity is possible. Linking Prayer, with the daily lessons from God’s biblical word in conjunction with witnessing to others through testimony as a living example and seeking sanctification from the Holy Spirit. Carpe diem brothers and sisters.

ADDENDUM : 5 essential spiritual guidelines for New Testament Living

#1) Types of Prayer

Praise, Thanksgiving, Intervention and healing in others lives, daily prayers for guided wisdom in our lives, and spontaneous prayers inspired by our openness to his leading. Yes those are six different types of prayers I have shared. To clarify first and foremost is the Prayer of PRAISE is for God giving us life and allowing us to serve him, Secondly the Prayer of Thanksgiving needs to be Universal not just to acknowledge the Lord on our day of recognition of his birth (Christmas), his Resurrection (Easter) and other Calendar defined holy days or Church and family solemn holidays. The remaining tupes of Prayer are self explanatory.

Next if we are truly seeking Gods will in our daily lives through his saving grace it really is essential that we make every attempt to work at walking in the light simply by seeking scriptural living. Its not just about reading verses gleaned from the Bible but trying to interpret the personal lessons that God’s inspirational prose can guide us individually and day to day. Certainly the scriptures are not just to be read but to be fully lived by immersion in our lives.

,Thirdly how do we walk the walk and talk the talk. Through a living witness of compassion and giving of our time and abilities to intervene and support others as needed in their personal struggles. Using the example that Christ established during his earthly life will clearly continue to show us how we can be a living testimony of Christlikeness. Speaking the lifegiving path and hope that the Lord has graciously encouraged us to share with others encouraging family, friends and others before selfishly being bound of in our own turmoil and personal struggles.

Now many may believe and say isn’t TESTIMONY the same as WITNESSING to the Lords continued intervention in our lives. To a point perhaps but I suggest that even more so testimony is clear verbal acknowledgement and sharing of how God is working in your life right now and wantong to share with others your walk and direct experience with the Lord. You are talking about the contract you have signed with the Heavenly Father to follow the road to your heavenly home at the end of your days. Testimony is just one of many keys that gives you acquisition to the body of Christ.

Lastly SANCTIFICATION is the complete immersion in the mind of Christ and how we commit to a holy life body and soul. It can be attained through devoutly seeking his will in all things…….His saving grace can lead you to full sanctification.



Reflections on the Journey

Edited revision for Bryce & Abbey

Hard to believe the big moment you two had been waiting for has come and gone. The excitement, anticipation, nervousness, indescribable joy and perhaps trepidation are just a few of the emotions that you experienced prior to those moments felt now in retrospect as this special day is now a beautiful memory and fulfilled.

My wish for you as you embark upon this new adventure is that you embrace this journey with interwoven hearts overflowing with love and the cumulative wisdom that you have gained as you planned and grew in unity as your special day approached.

Certainly as you well know no union of man and woman in holy matrimony is absolutely perfect as you live and learn ultimately to succeed in this venture as partners in life. As individuals with independent knowledge and separate skill sets, with abilities of both heart and mind there clearly will be ups and downs, healthy disagreements, challenges and encumbrances along the way. This is normal and to be expected as you live life together through the years, day by day. Half of the fun will be in working things out, coming to a consensus when possible. You will achieve results through a complete and loving unity by finding resolutions and solving the proverbial small stuff and the complications of the tough times; this as two people dissolved into one.

As you now have taken the first few steps as man and wife I challenge you to soak up each moment. The beauty of this ceremonial and spiritual committment you have embarked upon will flourish in the years to come. The completeness of this holy union was sworn to with family and friends as witnesses. The days ahead will take you to the ends of the earth, beyond the mountains you will conquer and clearly the amazing sunsets you will share together on the beaches at the Oceans of your future.

Carpe Diem

Uncle Bob


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Unjustified Terrorism and Tragedy in our Time.

edited and condensed from a previous version

An assessment, analysis and validation

From the outset lets look at some of the variables from an historical perspective. It is now almost two and one-half centuries since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Its over 200 years since Francis Scott Key penned the words to the Star Spangled Banner ” ” O say can you see by the dawns early light what so proudly we hailed as the twilights last gleaming…………O say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”. ( partial excerpt). As a nation, as a people that fervently claim liberty and justice is for all have we truly progressed and gained progressive wisdom in the annals of history or have we devolved.

Reviewing and perusing the results and recorded events and documents of the Emancipation Proclamation it appears the primary goal was accomplished. Black men and women who had been treated like animals and livestock were set free from the shackles of slavery. Of course there were many other issues that existed at the time that defined the Civil War; during which much blood was shed and lives lost. Did this domestic battle actually move forward the cause of civil justice and racial equality. I think not. Only microscopic *progress was made from the conditions before the war.

Throughout this next period of the Industrial Revolution great economic and the capitalistic gains were plain to see but as the gap between the haves and have nots expanded and created class distinctions and clear lack of social programs and equity among ethic groups became more and more defined. Sadly as time moved on into the early part of the 20th Century the attention and concern of the federal government became strongly focused on International relations, power and control instead of societal improvements, national programs and the common good.

Tragically the events of WWI and WWII certainly were seemingly justified on many fronts to retain democratic liberties and maintain American relationships around the globe and of course as some would say world dominance through economic and ethnocentric superiority. Many would agree that the significant loss of life through the first two World Wars, the Korean conflict and Vietnam was unavoidable and clearly expected. More would say war and International conflict where hundreds of thousands of lives are spared to maintain the balance of power throughout the world is never justified. Cultural and international stability among warring nations along with humanitarian efforts and common decency in relationships between nations would be an ultimate goal. Is that too much to expect or wish for; Perhaps. If only we could all strive to be optimists as opposed the common thread of negativity that goes hand in hand with Pragmatism.

Let us refocus somewhat and come full circle and look at the past three decades. The struggles and turmoil of the technology age have been prevalent for most of the past 30 years. Between cyberwars and political conflict and corporate hacking the daily process of survival has been severely challenged. This is only surmounted again by the international ethnic and religious tragedies and domestic terrorism before and since 2001 that we have lived through over these past years. First and foremost is 911 and the loss of 3,000 live to the cause of Al-Quaeda and Muslim extremism not Islamic causes. Prior to that in 1995 we have what stands out as one of the most evident examples of domestic terrorism with the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building on Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh. Another shocking and unfathomable loss of innocent lives. When we have individuals , perhaps in the thousands that either disassociate from the norms of society and sanity or due to socio and /psychopathic conditions believe their actions are justified. In addition so many afflicted with PTSD due to military participation or other root causes may act or react at any moment in mass shootings.

In summary I wish I had the answers but I don’t. In retrospect I would like to think we have learned from our historical tragedies and that we can find solutions to better predict and manage terrorists activities. Reverting back to the early Christian Ethics and humanitarian premise that this Republic was founded upon might improve our current plight. It certainly is not the answer to everything but just imagine if we truly could experience liberty and justice for all. Might I suggest through common discourse, in addition to true practice of humanitarian principles and spiritual guidance that better days may be ahead to rectify and cure some of the evils of our history.

God Bless and Carpe diem


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